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Revolutionary Woman

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Instant PDF Download of “The Revolutionary Woman”

The 9-step Revolutionary Woman framework for breaking out of your “People Pleasing Princess” mode and become a “Kick Ass Queen”

3 Rebel Bonuses

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“3 Steps To Rebel-utionize Your Life” Master Class ($497 value) -Life too boring? Or maybe you’re just not happy as you should be? You’re not alone. All women feel this way at some point and the good news is that there are 3 simple steps any woman can take to be happier in a jiffy: sprinkle in self-awareness, uncover the hidden gifts that make you twinkle, and fight like a queen so everyone pays attention. This master class gives you the tools to do all 3 with ease.


“Smiling Rebel” Checklists With 7 Daily-Must Do’s ($197 value) - We know that “happiness” is the ultimate goal but it’s hard to stay in a happy mood. Is there a secret? You betcha. Use these daily checklists of 7 things every woman should do each day to feel awesome and energized. *BACKED BY SCIENCE!* They’re designed with busy women in mind so investing even only 5 minutes each day is enough to adopt these habits. You’ll look forward to tackling them because they’re quick, easy and fun!


"Happiness from The Inside Out" Audio Class With Rob Mack ($397 value) - There’s enough talk about “Positive Psychology” voodoo but too little action. Oprah-endorsed, Bestselling Author, Rob Mack has developed a system to apply positive psychology to our daily lives and this audio class reveals the science PLUS action steps on how to feel better in your day-to-day without even trying. It’s a LIVE coaching call where he calls me on my bullshit!

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